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Reed Tobson is the Outpost Administrator of Edgewater.

Personality[edit | edit source]

He's not malicious in the traditional sense, and generally has a positive, upbeat attitude about life in Edgewater, but due to being a Spacer's Choice executive, he is bound by the rules they set in place, which involves producing products as cheaply as possible. Because of this, he is basically responsible for the plague tearing through Edgewater due to his choice to add harmful ingredients to the saltuna canning process while there was a shortage of fish. Outside of this, he does generally try his best to run the town as fairly as possible, and holds no ill-will towards any of the deserters, asking the player to attempt to make amends with them before cutting off their power. 

Background[edit | edit source]

About two years before the events of game, There was a shortage of saltuna in the area, leading to "supplements" being added to the canning process such as wood chips and canine meat as according to Reed, no one noticed a difference in taste. As a result, many in the town fell ill with the plague, while Reed championed that the key to healing was to work harder. Despite the very obvious connection between the two, Reed cannot seem to fathom that the new canning process directly led to the plague, and simply shrugs off the town's illness as a "fact of life".

As a result of this, sometime before the events of the game, Adelaide McDevitt's son fell ill with the plague and eventually died as Reed felt medical treatment would be wasted on him. This caused Adelaide, and many others to defect to the Botanical Labs, putting Edgewater in an even worse state of affairs as it lost a sizable portion of its workers. 

Related quests[edit | edit source]

  • Stranger in a Strange Land: Speaking to Reed allows the Stranger to learn that the botanical labs contain a power regulator which can be used to fix the Unreliable.
  • Comes Now the Power: Reed gives the Stranger this quest, asking them to travel to the area's geothermal power plant and redirect power from the botanical labs to the cannery. He asks that the deserters at the botanical labs are first warned about this, to give them a chance of returning to Edgewater peacefully. He also allows Parvati to accompany the player character if they would like her assistance.
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