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Relay GB-23 is a location in Halcyon and is one of several orbital relay stations used by Groundbreaker's communications to maintain line of sight with ships traveling the Halcyon System.


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Upon entering the station, you enter an empty room with 2 exits and a barred door. The hallway to the right leads to the galley and a locked room with a terminal that will shut down all of the mechanicals in the station. The way to the left begins your tour through the station.

Down the hallway there is a door on the right, through which one will find 2 mines and an electric fence trap. To the left is a tunnel you can crouch through, which will lead you to the next room, which contains a Mechanical Guardian and a Combat Drone. Stairs lead down to a generator - watch out for the mine. Behind the generator is a maintenance accessway which contains several bins and leads to the storage room.

The storeroom has 2 Mechanical Guardians and a Janitor mechanical, along with a number of bins and items. A locked door opens to a closet with a ladder that overlooks the control room.

The control room contains a mechanical guardian and a combat drone, along with the reason for the station being offline.





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