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SAM is a possible Companion for the Stranger. He is a Sanitation and Maintenance automechanical modified to shoot acid at enemies. 


A Sanitation and Maintenance Automechanical, SAM can be found on the Unreliable near the bunks where other companions live. The former Unreliable captain, Alex Hawthorne, found it in Emerald Vale's scrapheap during a job,[1] bringing it aboard the ship with intent to modify it.[2]

After removing SAM's default S.U.D.S. Steeper, Hawthorne ordered an Acid steeper, although the delivery was delayed by three months.[3] After giving up hope on the package being delivered, Hawthorne paid for information from a man who knew a woman who knew "the Broker" and sent to an old storage facility in Roseway in order to steal a different Acid steeper, planning to do so after meeting with the Stranger.[4] However, the process was cut short due to Hawthorne's accidental death.

Interactions with the player character[]

Related Quests[]

The Cleaning Machine - You found a non-operational sanitation and maintenance automechanical on the Unreliable. If you can get it running again, it may prove useful.

Space-Crime Continuum - When entering the Rizzo's lab facility, you will encounter a few mechanicals in the first room. They will prepare to attack, but if SAM is in your party, he will declare that he is here to clean the place and the mechanicals will stand down.


Decontaminate (SAM jumps in the air and slams down near his target sweeping out caustic cleaning fluids all around to get out those really tough stains)

Clean Sweep (-25% Harmful status effect duration)

Bonus Support Intimidate (+10 intimidate)

Bad Samaritan (+20% damage to automechanicals)

Cleaner (-20% Negative reputation per kill)


  • SAM's name comes from the serial number on its chassis.[5]
  • SAM's mere presence triggers the Robophobia Flaw, so it is advisable to avoid that particular flaw if the Stranger plans to activate him. If the Stranger interacts with SAM when they have the Robophobia Flaw, they will have the option to scream at SAM.


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