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Short Circuit is an achievement in The Outer Worlds.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Killing 30 automechanicals with shock damage. The following weapons use shock damage:

Getting the achievement[edit | edit source]

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The achievement can easily be obtained during a normal playthrough, however it can still be obtained after completing the main story missions.

Good areas for farming automechanicals are:

If one is struggling to find enough automechanicals to get the achievement, it is possible to make a save and kill the random non-combatant automechanicals in the various settlements (e.g. the Ad drones scattered around the Groundbreaker) until the achievement is received. After this, the most recent save can be reloaded and one can continue with their playthrough.

To get this as quickly as possible, companions should either be sent back to the Unreliable or have their mode set to "Passive" in their character screen which will prevent them from attacking the automechanicals unless instructed to.

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