Skills in The Outer Worlds provide boosts to the character's abilities in seven areas:

These seven core skill areas contain multiple skills within them, each one allowing a maximum of 100 points to be invested. Each point in a skill area will significantly increase the skills within them, up to 50 points each. After 50 you can specialize by adding points directly to the individual skills in a skill area.

Although skills enhance the character's abilities, they will also have a wider effect. Dialogue skills for example will open dialogue options in conversation, however, it all also effects combat performance. You’ll be able to distribute your points to create different character archetypes, such as one that is good at sneaking, or a firearms expert. 

Your skills will also impact what dialogue options you’ll get to choose, and you'll even be able to choose a "dumb" dialogue option if you have the right stats, which should provide some comic relief. 

For every 20 points you put into a skill, you get to pick a Perk.

Flaws give a permanent decrease to certain skills.

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