Slaughterhouse Clive is a side quest on Monarch, given by Catherine Malin.


With the scarcity of Saltuna alternatives on Monarch, Clive Lumbergh has been making a killing by operating the planets last remaining boarst factory. SubLight wants to take the self-proclaimed Boarst King of Monarch's profits for themselves and have hired you to get rid of him.


To begin the quest, talk to Catherine in Fallbrook. She explains to you that Clive Lumbergh, the self-proclaimed Boarst King of Monarch, has been making a killing, according to Malin, by "...making the only meal to be had this side of Monarch..."

She decides that she no longer wants to go through Clive to get boarst and would rather take over the factory herself. So she asks the Stranger to deal with Clive.

Make your way west of Forlorn Crossroads to C&P Boarst Factory. The factory will be surrounded by Corporate soldiers and one will need a Boarst Factory ID Cartridge. To get one, walk up to the front door, where you will be greeted by one of the guards. You will either need to lie, persuade, or intimidate in order to receive the ID.

If you cannot obtain an ID, you may go through the sewer entrance, located southeast of the factory’s main entrance, at the bottom of the waterfall. The door here will need to be unlocked, requiring a Lockpick skill of at least 35.

Once inside, if you have an Engineering skill of 55, head up the canning machine terminal, where you can increase the production rate of the machine by 200%, sabotaging it.

Afterwards, make your way to Clive's office and confront him. You have a few choices in handling the situation. You can either kill Clive, blackmail him into a partnership, or persuade him into letting you kill Catherine instead.

Kill Clive Edit

The easiest way to complete the quest is to simply shoot Clive in his office. Afterwards, return to Catherine to receive a reward of 21,000 XP, 2,199 Bits and unique armor.

Kill Catherine Edit

Choosing this option will unlock the quest, A Cysty-Dance with Death.

Convince Them to Work Together Edit

Convincing him to work with Catherine will require a Medical skill of 55 and will reward you with 7000 XP.

If you decide not to kill anyone, head back to Catherine. You can either lie (100) or persuade (50) her to work with him, rewarding you 1,300 XP. Talk to her again to receive an additional 28,000 XP, 2,188 Bits, and unique armor.

Quest StagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
1 Deal with CliveMake your way to Clive Lumbergh's office in the C&P Boarst Factory and get him out of SubLight's way. Alternatively, search the factory for a way to sabotage Clive's operations. Catherine suggests investigating the cystypig food supply, the canning machine or the financial records.
2 Return to CatherineThe deed is done. Let Catherine Malin in Fallbrook know the good news.


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