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Slaughterhouse Clive is a side quest on Monarch.


With the scarcity of Saltuna alternatives on Monarch, Clive Lumbergh has been making a killing by operating the planets last remaining boarst factory. SubLight wants to take the self-proclaimed Boarst King of Monarch's profits for themselves and have hired you to get rid of him.


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Quest StagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
1 Deal with CliveMake your way to Clive Lumbergh's office in the C&P Factory and get him out of SubLight's way. Alternatively, search the factory for a way to sabotage Clive's operations. Catherine suggests investigating the cystypig food supply, the canning machine or the financial records.
2 Return to CatherineThe deed is done. Let Catherine Malin in Fallbrook know the good news.


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