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"You've tried the best. Now try the rest. Spacer's Choice!" ― One of the many slogans of Spacer's Choice

Spacer's Choice is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Universal Defense Logistics. Their mascot is the Moon Man.


Specializing in making a wide range of products as cheap as possible for the consumer, Spacer's Choice cater to a broad range of clientele. While their products are not very durable, they are cheap to repair or replace.[1]

Their employees will quote the companies sales line, regardless of their own condition[2] and are not to accept assistance from outside the company.[3] They can also be reprimanded for fraternizing with employees labelled as "incompetent" - those unavailable to work.[4]






Melee weaponsEdit

Ranged weaponsEdit



Company departmentsEdit

  • Department of Retirement, Termination, and Restitution[6]
  • Department of Human Resources[7]

Relations with othersEdit

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  • "It's not the best choice, it's Spacers Choice."
  • "Make a choice. Spacer's Choice."
  • "Taste the freedom."
  • "You've tried the best, now try the rest."
  • "Spacer's Choice - the brand of choice for spacers on a budget."
  • "Spacer's Choice Handguns - body counts at a discount."
  • "When life gives you lemons, consider it a free trial from your friends at Spacer's Choice."
  • "At Spacer's Choice, we cut corners so you don't have to."
  • "Spacer's Choice pre-sliced bread tastes fresh because it was!"
  • "We'll get you mostly drunk at half the price. Spacer's Choice."[8]

Related achievements-trophiesEdit

Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
Not the Best Choice Not the Best Choice Simultaneously equipped Spacer's Choice brand clothing, headgear, and 4 weapons. 15 Bronze



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