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Stranger in a Strange Land is a main quest on The Outer Worlds.


The Stranger is awoken from cryogenic stasis by Phineas Vernon Welles. Welles informs the Stranger that they have been woken up using a special concoction of his own creation while the rest of the crew remains in stasis. Attempting to awaken the crew at this point would likely result them suffering explosive cell death.

With his ship damaged and few options remaining Welles enlists the stranger's help setting things right in Halcyon, but first, transportation is needed.


Finding Hawthorne's Ship Edit

After gaining control, the Stranger finds that the smuggler they were supposed to meet, Alex Hawthorne, was crushed to death. Phineas recommends that they take over the smuggler's former ship, the Unreliable. Proceed down the hill, and around a corner, a dead marauder will be found that can be looted for an Adreno. Ahead, two timid canids are feasting on a corpse. One can sneak through the tall grass and leave them be, but if spotted, they will flee.

Enter the cave, and time will slow down for a few seconds before returning to normal with Phineas coincidentally commenting about possible side effects. Continue onward and drop into the opening below, which will cause some damage. One will find Guard Pelham, whose pistol misfired while on patrol and barricaded himself in the cave with explosive barrels. One can go through a level 5 Medical check to patch him up, receiving his Sentry Sabre, one can also ask questions to gain some understanding about Emerald Vale and Spacer's Choice. He'll also mention a ship that made an unauthorized landing as well as nearby marauders. Pass either a level 1 Persuade, Lie, or Intimidate check to convince him to lend his light pistol. Loot the area for mag-picks and consumables, then use the pistol to blow up the barrels and continue towards the exit. As the Stranger exits the cave, time will slow down again for a few seconds as Phineas loses contact, at the end of which they are given control of the Tactical Time Dilation ability.

Outside the cave will be two marauders. To get past, one can engage with them in combat, and there are explosive barrels near the first marauder that one can shoot. The Stranger can also make use of their newfound power to slow down time. One can also use stealth to quietly eliminate enemies using the sabre. Loot the marauders and area, and near the campfire is a bin that requires a level 5 Lockpick skill and 4 mag-picks, containing a Telescoping Staff. Proceed down the hill where three more marauders are standing guard. Kill them through combat or sneak past them and continue onward.

The Stranger will encounter Lieutenant Mercer and Private Kimball, the other members of Pelham's patrol, as well as the smuggler's ship surrounded by marauders. Mercer will explain that they would fine the ship for landing violation but can't due to the marauders. One can also inform Mercer of Pelham's health. If you killed Pelham, there will be a level 1 Lie check saying he's fine. One can pass level 5 Persuade, Lie, or Intimidate checks to convince them to help kill the marauders, but otherwise, the Stranger must clear out the area on their own.

The Unreliable Edit

After killing all of the marauders, enter the ship, named the Unreliable. The Autonomous Digital Astrogator onboard the vessel, abbreviated as ADA, accuses the Stranger of being a marauder and tries to eject them via the airlocks, though this fails seeing as the ship isn't in the vacuum of space. ADA will explain how she is programmed to only accept orders from Captain Alex Hawthorne, to which the Stranger informs her of the smuggler's demise. She expresses sorrow and thanks them for telling her. With Hawthorne dead, ADA proposes that the Stranger take on the identity of the captain, no matter what one says. She then tells them that the main drive's power regulator has been damaged and needs to be replaced, and there is a level 5 Engineering speech option, though it doesn't make a difference. She informs the Stranger that a nearby town named Edgewater could possibly help. She prints them a new Captain's Identity Cartridge, giving the Stranger ownership of the Unreliable, and bids them farewell.

Before leaving, make sure to loot the ship. In the main area, there is a level 5 Lockpick Locker that requires 4 mag-picks. In the cargo hold, there is a workbench, and nearby, there is a sawed-off shotgun and tossball stick.

Exit the Unreliable, and Mercer will question if the ship belongs to the Stranger. There is a level 5 Lie option, though all responses result in her disregarding the fine. There is also an option to attack if one so wishes. If you kill Mercer and Kimball, Ernest will appear instead, and asks the Stranger what happened. It doesn't matter what you tell him, as he will not be hostile. Afterwards, travel to Edgewater. Be careful of marauders prowling the roads as well as primals in the hills.

Edgewater Edit

After entering the settlement, continue towards Saltuna Cannery. Inside, take the elevator to the top floor where Reed Tobson, the outpost administrator, is questioning a mechanic named Parvati Holcomb about issues with saltuna production. Talk with Tobson, and he'll explain that while he can't give the town's power regulator to the Stranger, there is another one at the old botanical labs that can be obtained switching off the power from the geothermal power plant. However, the place is inhabited by deserters led by Adelaide McDevitt who have become tired of the working conditions at the cannery. Tobson proposes that by switching off the power, they will be forced to return to Edgewater, and he instructs the Stranger to negotiate with the deserters before they go to the power plant. This begins Comes Now the Power, though it should be noted that it isn't necessary to speak to the deserters to complete Stranger in a Strange Land. Parvati will offer to join the Stranger as a companion, which one can either accept or refuse.

Although they aren't requirements for Stranger in a Strange Land, it is advised that one completes the first objective(s) of Comes Now the Power ("Deliver Reed's message" and optionally "Speak to the Vicar" if you let Parvati join you) before entering the power plant as both quests are intertwined.

Geothermal Power Plant Edit

To be continued...

Quest StagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
1 Find Hawthorne's shipThe smuggler took your meeting location a bit too literally. Guess that means his ship is yours now.
2 Find a power regulatorThe Unreliable's power regulator has been damaged beyond repair and must be replaced. ADA suggested you seek help in the nearby settlement of Edgewater. Talk to whoever runs the town.
3 Divert Power from the Geothermal PlantYou've learned that there are power regulators in both the Edgewater cannery and a Botanical Lab elsewhere in the region, but neither can be removed unless power is routed away from them. Travel to the region's geothermal plant and route the power away from one of the facilities.
4 Retrieve the Power RegulatorYou diverted power from the Botanical Lab to Edgewater. The Botanical Lab is now without power. You should be able to salvage their power regulator now.
5 Return to the UnreliableYou have found a power regulator. Return to your ship.
6 Install the Power RegulatorIn order to get the ship up and running, you just need to install the power regulator in the ship's engine room.
7 Speak with ADANow that the power regulator is installed, speak with ADA to pilot the Unreliable out of Emerald Vale.

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