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"AG434: 'Tartarus' - Named after its hellish atmosphere, Tartarus is where the Board maintains the maximum-security penal complex known as 'The Labyrinth'." ― Halcyon map description

Tartarus is a Venusian planet in the Halcyon system. Universal Defense Logistics runs a maximum-security prison named The Labyrinth on the planet.


Tartaus is a high security planet where offenders against the Board are incarcerated within the walls of the Labyrinth and often subject to torture and execution. the planet is defended by an armada of gunships, and any unauthorized vessel attempting to enter Tartarus's orbit is subject to impounding at best, or the execution of the crew at worst.

One of the planet's chief exports is Tartarus Sauce, for dipping saltuna Fish Stix in. It is made by taking mayonnaise and exposing it to the caustic environment of Tartarus for just a few seconds. Then the lid is put back on and sold. It makes the mayo really tangy, because it introduces a lot of very low-level toxins. This process makes it clear that there are not a lot of restrictions on corporate food products.

Related achievements-trophiesEdit

Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
Hard Time Hard Time Landed on Tartarus. 30 Silver

Trivia Edit

  • Tartarus in Greek mythology is said to be a deep abyss that serves as a prison for the Titans. It is also said to be where the souls of the dead are judged and where the wicked in life receive eternal torment.
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