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The Cleaning Machine is a companion quest on the Unreliable.


You found a non-operational sanitation and maintenance automechanical on the Unreliable. If you can get it running again, it may prove useful.


You will find SAM on the second floor of the Unreliable.

Quest StagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
1 Ask ADA about the SAM unitYou found a defunct sanitation and maintenance automechanical in the supply closet upstairs on the Unreliable. A cursory search of the unit revealed the name, SAM, but little else. ADA may know more.
2 Search Hawthorne's TerminalADA suggested that the ship's former captain, Alex Hawthorne, may have kept information about his attempts to modify or repair SAM on the terminal in the Captain's Quarters.
3 Find an Acid SteeperYou found entries on Hawthorne's terminal in the Captain's Quarters regarding his attempts to turn SAM into a combat-capable unit. Hawthorne planned to replace SAM's S.U.D.S. Steeper with an Acid Steeper but never picked up the part from Roseway.
4 Install the Acid SteeperNow that you have the Acid Steeper part needed to modify SAM, all that remains is to return to the Unreliable and swap it out with the factory default S.u.D.S. Steeper.

Related achievements-trophiesEdit

Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
All for One All for One Completed all companion quests. 30 Silver
Anything for a Friend Anything for a Friend Finished a companion's quest line. 15 Bronze
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