Staff are volunteers with extended tools on The Outer Worlds Wiki responsible for maintaining various aspects of the wiki: whereas administrators have a focus on community management and user blocks, for example, discussions moderators focus on the day-to-day handling of rule enforcement on /d. They are nevertheless expected to work closely with one another, and are held at a high standard of behavior. Staff are not considered "more equal" than non-staff (although they are an authority in their own capacity), and serve exclusively to maintain a productive and friendly environment on the wiki. If you are interested in applying for a position, contact a bureaucrat or admin. You can contact bureaucrats/admins on their talk pages.

Bureaucrats[edit source]

Bureaucrats have the power to appoint users into user roles and are the final arbitrators of policy discussions (including interpretation of existing policy). Furthermore they have the ability to act unilaterally where there is no clear consensus, or following the consensus is of clear and justifiable risk to the community (e.g. making all articles a video, appointing someone who has made threats to ban people they don't like into roles).

This role requires the user to do the following:

  • Act neutrally in their decision making.
  • Consider alternative viewpoints and discuss them.
  • Be engaged in all areas of the wiki.
  • Consider necessary action based on the information available.

Administrators[edit source]

Administrators hold many of the responsibilities of Bureaucrats, however they are not responsible for user rights and responsibilities. More focused on technical updates and managing the wiki on a day to day basis in the most sensitive areas (page protections, deletions, MediaWiki messages) they also have the ability to block users from the wiki itself.

Requirements on the user are the same as that of the Bureaucrat, however, they are also expected to be able to do the following, where capable:

  • Manage CSS/JS
  • Identify, implement and configure scripts from Dev Wiki.
  • Work with and generate wiki templates.
  • Write and maintain Lua modules

Content Moderators[edit source]

Content moderators are the get on an do users of the wiki, they work with the articles and ensure things run smoothly. Furthermore they are responsible for quality checking Strategy guides and listing those that are suitable. They are not responsible however, for correcting and updating said guides, this remains the responsibility of the Author (unless a wiki change occurs that breaks the content).

Requirements for Content Moderators are the same as an administrator, sans MediaWiki.

Social Moderators[edit source]

Social moderators manage the Discord and Discussions arenas and as such are highly visible to the community in ways other editors may not be. Their role is to ensure that social platforms are welcome and friendly, with the ability to kick/ban from Discord and delete/Lock posts in Discussions.

Requirements for social moderators include:

  • Remaining calm under pressure
  • Ability to act on good faith
  • Ability to make a justified judgement call
  • Be willing to discuss and justify decisions when challenged.
  • Basic editorial knowledge, so as to be able to assist with any queries that may be raised
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