With a game like The Outer Worlds, there is often several ways to solve a problem. Our articles will always cover the ways this can be solved at a high level. Sometimes, users will want a detailed guide on a specific method, rather than a generalized article.

To this end, we have a library of user written strategy guides, owned by the writer to show you all the tips and tricks to get to complete your objectives.

Writing a guide[edit source]

Registered users are free to create strategy guides in their own personal blog space. However, for a guide to be included in the list the following criteria must be met:

  • The guide must be robust: the guide must be sufficiently detailed so as the reader can complete the objective without additional support. Simply "stating go to x and collect y" is fine if the location object is in the same, but the route should be given should be detailed if the player needs to go somewhere.
  • The guide must be complete: Your guide must be fully written, from start to finish before it will be considered for inclusion. This is to ensure we are endorsing guides that are usable. If you want to change the guide later on or correct typos, this won't require being relisted; the only exception is if the guide becomes incomplete due to partial rewrite; these will be delisted until finished. In a some cases we may make the decision to revert the changes, if they are minor. In both cases you will be notified of the action taken and why.
  • The guide should be more than a video/image: Videos and images are certainly helpful to showing users how to complete an objective and we strongly recommend using them where possible. However video guides are available in multiple places and most users who want a video guide will go to YouTube or Twitch.
  • You are responsible for maintaining your guide(s): Ultimately other users are physically unable to modify your guides (with exception to Content Moderators and Administrators), so any and all amendments will need to be made by yourself.
  • The guide must be your own work/you must have permission to adapt it: Finding a useful walk through elsewhere and wanting to adapt it can be tempting, but unless you have permission for the owner to use or modify the original guide, this is plagiarism. Unlike the previous requirements, if a guide is plagiarized, we will delete the blog and potentially enforce additional sanctions on the user; dependent on severity and number of offences and ultimately can result in a ban from the wiki itself.
Where another persons content has been used with permission, this must also be accredited in the guide. Failure to do so will be handled as an act of plagiarism.
Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.