Tucker Needham is a former resident of Stellar Bay who left to join the Iconoclasts. Before the quest A Family Matter, he can be found in Amber Heights.

Background[edit | edit source]

Tucker was coddled by his mother from a very young age, the latter insisting that danger lurked around every corner on Monarch. His mother's overprotectiveness extended well into Tucker's adulthood, leading him to seek to be free in any way possible.[1]

After hearing Graham Bryant's broadcasts, Tucker left Stellar Bay to be truly free by joining the Iconoclasts at Amber Heights.[2] He is dazzled by Graham's preachings on true unfettered freedom from the corporate way of life and attributes his enthusiasm to his 'childhood trauma'.[3] He is willing to do anything to remain free, even faking his own death to prevent his mother from continuing to send people to look for him.[4]

Player interactions[edit | edit source]

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If Tucker is convinced or forced to return home as part of A Family Matter, he will be found sitting next to his mother on a porch by Stellar Bay's south gate, the next time one is in town.

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References[edit | edit source]

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  4. Tucker Needham: "You know... that might just work. You go back and tell her you found my body beside the road. All mangled and tore up. If she believes me dead, she won't look for me no more."
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