Udom Bedford is The Board representative aboard Groundbreaker.


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Interactions with the player characterEdit

Udom Bedford can first be met during the quest Passage to Anywhere, wherein you discover your ship has been impounded by the Board and need to talk to him to secure its release. He will be saddened by the death of captain Alex Hawthorne, but allow the release of the Unreliable anyways.

At any moment during the initial conversation and until the beginning of the quest The City and the Stars, you can choose to reveal to him the whereabouts of Phineas Vernon Welles. This leads to the start of Balance Due. You will then need to purchase his Board seal from Gladys Culkelly for 8000 bits, allowing you to travel to Byzantium.

If you fail to turn in Welles to him in time, you will find him replaced at Halcyon's embassy. If you pressure the new representative for additional information, he will mention screams coming from the Waste Disposal. Head there to find Udom's disposed of body.

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