Udom Bedford is the representative of the Halcyon Holdings Corporation (HHC) to the Groundbreaker.


Emissary to the Board, Udom is a bureaucrat stationed at the main gateway to HHC controlled space. Seeking a way to Byzantium, Udom fostered a relationship with Alex Hawthorne as a means to locate Phineas Vernon Welles and use the fugitive as his ticket off the Groundbreaker, routinely impounding Alex's ship to ensure they meet whenever Alex docks. Outwardly to Alex and others, Udom considers him a friend.

Udom also has financial issues which reached a point where he had to pawn his Official seal of Halcyon Holdings board to Gladys Culkelly as a means of staying afloat.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Available interactions with Udom Bedford
Companion Conversation
Quests Merchant

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Failing to turn in Welles to him in time will will result in his replacement at the embassy. The new representative will mention screams coming from the Waste Disposal, where Udom was disposed of.


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