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The Unreliable is a Yakita LHA one-twenty, A-two[1] Apex Transport starship, constructed in 2325, that the Stranger uses to travel across Halcyon. It is the player character's mobile base. The ship's systems are managed by the AI ADA.

Background Edit

Originally christened the Reliable it came into the possession of Captain Alex Hawthorne, who renamed it the Unreliable and used it for smuggling across the colonies. Hawthorne ended up in the Halcyon system by 2355, where he was hired by Phineas Vernon Welles to aid the Stranger in a bid to liberate the colonists of the Hope, a late-arriving colony ship that the Halcyon Holdings Corporate Board decided to abandon and cover up. After Hawthorne's accidental death on Terra 2, the Stranger assumed ownership of the vessel and set about searching for a new power regulator for it.

Hawthorne was responsible for ADA's programming and modification. He made her solely responsible for the ship's operating and navigation systems and conceived ADA her own personality to make the crew instance more enjoyable during their travels.

Decorations Edit


The ship consists of two levels, the upper-deck being the living quarters which include bedrooms and a kitchen, and the lower deck is the control room and the docking platform. In the Cargo Bay there is a Workbench on the lower level and a respec bench on the upper level.

Key ItemsEdit

Unique weaponsEdit

Icon Name Location
Adelaide's gardening shears icon Adelaide's gardening shears Found in the Strangers quarters after killing Adelaide McDevitt.


Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
Ticket to Anywhere Ticket to Anywhere Got your very own ship. 30 Silver



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