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;Advanced Defensive Armor
;Advanced Defensive Armor Gold

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Emerald Vale[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Level Health Armor Description
HumanoidMarauderGoon.png Marauder Goon 2-3 88-98 4-5 A close range attacker that rushes in and slashes with their blade.
HumanoidMarauderVandal.png Marauder Vandal 2-3 88-98 4-5 Ranged attacker that wears light armor and uses handguns.
MarauderThug.png Marauder Thug 4 152 11 Quick melee enemy that rushes in to attack with 2-handed melee weapons.
HumanoidMarauderLookout.png Marauder Lookout 5 147 6 Special support unit that wears light armor and hides and snipes with rifles from a distance.
HumanoidMarauderHooligan.png Marauder Hooligan 3-5 139-166 10-12 Ranged attacker that wears medium armor and attacks with rifle.
HumanoidMarauderRingleader.png Marauder Ringleader 5 195 17 Heavy assault unit that wears heavy armor and uses heavy weapons.
Guillaume Antrim 5 244 17
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