Since today is the 14. of April in 2020, and I started my participation in this Wiki almost exactly one month ago on 14. of March in 2020, it's time for a review, to release my frustration, and to say ByeBye.

To start with: this is Fandom / ex-Wikia / Gamepedia and this is NOT Wikipedia (a bit tricky, to get the english links instead of the - for me automaticly generated - german ones, but worth it :) ) ... so since this here is all about games and such stuff, and since games are mostly meant for thrill, sometimes education, but mostly ever for fun ... hence this Wiki should (oops, speculative, I know, later more on this, deal with it) be also mostly fun ... but it isn't ... no longer ... sadly.

And since especially this Wiki is about a game, playing in a fictitious, alternate timeline, so almost everything in this game is fictitious by nature. And so any description of things in this game is speculative by its nature either way.

Since I'm a German and my last english class was appr. 28 years ago, I like to write this kind of texts with a translator page in the browser tab next to the left, very handy sometimes. But since English isn't my first language, my build of sentences may (oops, speculative) follow more on my german gut feeling, than the specific english or american rules of writing ... I'm fine with it ... and if you (yes, YOU) aren't fine with it, try to write such a text in german, then we may compare our versions :P

And since most Germans[Citation needed] (except Nazis, bankers, managers, lawyers, and idiots) are educated, to act and speak in a cautious, restrained, decent, and polite manner (and to mean it so), some of my descriptions of ingame facts may sound, as they were speculative ...

Btw, @Sakaratte: did you ever move your avatar through that Bayside Terrace Ruins? (or with your twisted rules of writing it may have to be Bayside terrace ruins ?!) ... it's a bit tricky, to get there, but then read the matching entry in my version of the Monarch wilderness/map, and tell me again "it's speculative" ... that - maybe - speculative sounding "probably" I wrote, because of that locked door, that may indicate, there could be a quest/mission (that I never found), to open it sometimes (maybe within a later DLC) ... oh man, so many speculations ... yeah man, you're so right, let's delete/undo all that crap w/o any query.

Ah, next point: twisted rules of writing ... although this is not Wikipedia, but a more relaxed version of an online encyclopedia about games (only to mention it another time), this Wiki IS about an existing game, and I'm pretty sure, the game devs have thought about their usage of capitalization for ingame items, locations, persons a.s.o. - at least, to make that terms in a plain text more conspicuous to the reader. And since this Wiki is to describe this game, there should (oh, is this to speculative, sorry man) always be used the ingame way of writing, and not with a kind of "raised index finger"-attitude: "That poor game devs, not even able to write correctly ... let's show them, how to do this the right way!" ... weird, I got that strange feeling, if I were one of that bible fundamentalists ... it's definitely a NO GO, to establish own rules of writing for ingame named (and written) things ... loud, reverberating voice from somewhere above: "It shall be written, as it is written into the book of books!" ... nah, all joking aside: there is a given writing in the game? So use this!

As I wrote to Gausroth here, I'm mostly into creating maps.

So when I realized appr. 2 days ago, that Sakaratte goes over all the map pages, for "Standardization" and so - for an instance - removed that tabber feature from the Geothermal power plant/map w/o a single query ... I knew instantly, my time of contribution is over, my work here is done. The floor maps were created as they are in this tabber version (only to mention, there is now a lot of graphics space to save), to show due to the positioning on the different tabs inside the tabber, the layout of connections between the floors, so one might have switched through the tabs, to figure his way through the floors ... with that current version one may scroll down and up, but there is no more an interconnection between the floors directly to see with one click.

That "tabber won't work on mobiles"-argument? ... there ARE ways to handle this (with accordingly programmed CSS in the background), because it's "only" due to the missing of CSS and Java on mobiles.

"Don't need the default, feels counter intuitive" ... funny, since that map (and others too) contain a full area imagemap until I touched it. And w/o that introductory sentence ( "Click certain areas within the map to visit their respective pages." - which was from Gausroth - or the - for the info-only-spots - expanded version "Mouseover or (right)click (for open in new tab) certain areas within the floor maps to get more info or visit their respective pages." by me), one may never realize, that there is more than that plain mapimage ... like links and - maybe - useful meant additional info w/o a link behind.

Also that "fast travel doesn't need indicating on labels, icon+legend confirms this" ... "doesn't need" ? who cares, if it gives more clarity and info to the visitor ... at least in this Monarch wilderness/map there are 2 of that fast travel spots, that are not even near the matching area on the map: Stellar Bay Ruins (North) and Stellar Bay Ruins (South), so imho it absolutely makes sense, to name these spots "Fasttravel ...", since I had planned to place a poly-imagemap onto the equally named map regions, but this now is on you, Sakaratte.

There are some more things, but they all lead to one point: lack of good communications by the admins. I mean, who would be surprised, if the skills for rights holders are mentioned first for (sic) Social Moderators, and - short check - in my month here I've seen none of these, only Gausroth of the ContMods, none of the Admins, and only Sakaratte of the Bureaucrats ... and to these both the communication skills seem not to be mandatory (sorry Gausroth, I think we may seem to be on a good way, but this here is to release my frustration).

I'm an relatively old guy, and so my remaining lifespan is far too precious for me, to spend it on fruitless discussions with much to self-concious admins ... so feel free, to answer on this blog-post, I most likely (damn, once again a speculative phrase ... but never mind, it's the last one) won't answer.


Paladin Aladin (talk) 11:52, April 14, 2020 (UTC)

had to rework some of the links within, since a user, named here once or twice, decided to contribute some changes to the rights holders page some hours after I posted this blog entry ... since I don't want to leave a valued reader at a loss with wrong links ... I'm sure, it's only a kind of coincidence and no purpose, since that page seems to be really outdated when I did my links on it


Paladin Aladin (talk) 21:47, April 14, 2020 (UTC)

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