Just over 24 hours hours away from game launch and the excitement is building for The Outer Worlds here. Some of our admins are currently in hiding to avoid having too much spoilt before getting their hands on the game.

Firstly, I'd like to welcome to Quadrapod on board to the admin team. Quadrapod is the former administrator of the Gamepedia wiki and his technical skills have so far been invaluable. I'd also like to welcome Gumbyfan1 as s the only other editor we have seen to come over from there and join us.

We have made a few last minute preparations for the game launch and some that editors should be aware of.

The navigation

The Wiki's navigation bar at the top has seen a few changes since the wiki was incorporated, but we have completed our first full overhaul since starting. Things aren't quite where they used to be, but hopefully it won't take much getting used to. At present it is a little bare bones and there is certainly more work needed, but if something is missing, please contact one of the admins and they will take a look.

Article guidelines and styling

Up until now we have mostly been playing by ear as to how the contents should be laid out. As of today we have a content policy that lays out a fair few of the foundations. Have a read, help us and don't worry about making mistakes, we're all human (unless you're a dog of course) and we need to make mistakes to get good at what we do.

See you all in the Halcyon system Friday!

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