Weapons are the primary source of offence (or defense) in the Outer Worlds. There is a wide selection from handguns and melee weapons, to heavier firearms.

Weapons can be modified to change their capabilities. For example the heavy machine gun can be adapted to use shock rounds as opposed to the ballistic projectiles it was originally designed to utilise.

Damage TypesEdit

In The Outer Worlds each weapon infringes a type of damage, each with its advantages and disadvantages depending on the objective. There are 5 damage types:

  • Physical - Weak against armor.
  • Plasma - Good against flesh but week against mantisaurs. Plasma weapons use high-energy fields to draw in and convert ambient aether into a superheated plasma state.
  • Corrosion - Good against armor, including automechanicals, mantisaurs and heavy armor.
  • Shock - Good against automechanicals.
  • N-Ray - Bypasses armor, week against inorganic entities.

Melee weaponsEdit

1-Handed meleeEdit

Name DPS
Officer's Spine
Sentry Sabre
Vortex Mace

2-Handed meleeEdit

Name DPS
Inferno Scythe
Security Blade

Ballistic Weapons Edit

Handguns Edit

Name DPS
Auto-Mag Pistol
Light Pistol
Revolver Mk 2

Long guns Edit

Name DPS
Assault Rifle
Dead-Eye assault rifle
Hunting Rifle
Plasma Carbine
Plasma Rifle

Heavy weaponsEdit

Name DPS
Heavy machine gun
Plasma launcher

Science weapons Edit

Name DPS
Mandibular Rearranger
Shrink Ray
The Force Ultimatum
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