If it weren't for her, I'd wager the Iconoclasts would've died off a while ago.

Zora Blackwood is a member of the Iconoclasts and, alongside Graham Bryant, is one of the group's de facto leaders.

Background[edit | edit source]

Before joining the Iconoclasts, Zora lived in Cascadia and worked for Rizzo's in the bottling plant as a doctor. She was an excellent employee and described as a "top-notch sawbones with a good head for working under pressure".[1] Following the enactment of the Hazard Clause, Zora became suspicious that Rizzo's management was not telling their staff the entire truth.[2] When the final evacuation procedures went south and the pterorarys which were being transported off-world broke out of their cages, Zora and many other Rizzo employees were left behind.[3]

Zora and those left behind survived in Cascadia for a time until the town was threatened by marauders and they had to flee the town.[4] Zora was the only survivor of this escape, forced to climb a chasm to escape from the marauders, after her companions including Cecil McClure were killed.[5]

She joined Graham Bryant and helped start the Iconoclasts, patching up those who got wounded while fighting for their cause.[6] Nearly every member of the Iconoclasts owes her their life in some way.[7] However, her methods of operation including her desire to impose some form of scheduling on the faction, has ruffled some feathers.[8] This has led to conflicts between herself and Graham Bryant, the latter being more focused on spreading the message of Philosophism, considering Zora's concerns about food and medicine to be a distracting attachment to corporate materialism.[9]

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References[edit | edit source]

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